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Quaker Parakeets

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     Quakers are chattering birds that often talk within months of weaning.

      Quaker Parakeets are very intelligent. They seem to reason logically. They will call their owners' names to get their attention, and say what they want  words and phrases that they have been taught, quite appropriate to the particular situation! Quaker Parakeets are also great at mimicking noises,  other birds and animals, and squeaky doors or household noises. They sing songs, setting their favorite phrases to simple tunes they know!
      They have been known to chase large dogs, which could result in disaster if the dog defends himself!

Quakers are a medium size parakeet from Brazil. Quaker Parakeets are about a foot in length with long, handsome, green and blue tail feathers. They weighs around 100 grams and the predominant color is green. Lutino, blue-cinnamon, albino, pied and cinnamon mutations are bred. Most Quaker Parakeets have a light gray forehead, face and upper breast. The feathers on the chest have white tips, giving the effect of scalloping. Quaker Parakeets have blue webbing in their primary flight feathers, whose coverts are also blue. The bills of Quaker Parakeets are horn colored or light yellow and their irises are chocolate brown. The feet are generally gray. Quaker Parakeets' tail feathers are gradated in length.

     Quaker or Monk Parakeets are stick nest builders. Generally, they  make large apartment buildings!
 In the wild, Quaker Parakeets eat fruits, seeds, berries and insects.
     Quaker Parakeets need lots of exercise and love baths. Their aviary should be as large as possible, probably sized for a small Conure or Cockatiel. Doors should have secure latches as Quaker Parakeets are mechanically intelligent and can quickly learn to open their cage doors.  They love to have loose twigs on aviary floors for nest building and need a variety of toys, changed every few weeks, to prevent them from becoming bored. They need fresh water at all times, and a pellet based diet, which consists mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables with seeds as special treats, will be perfect for a Quaker. Quaker Parakeets are very hardy and can tolerate some cold. There are some wild Quakers that survive in Chicago by feeding off bird feeders in the winter.
     They need lots of love and attention and adore cuddling with you and playing or talking with you.

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